A Tool-Changing Pen Plotter

A toolchanger proof-of-concept that's eager to be your pen pal.


Single-Stage Tentacle Mechanism Workshop Edition

a kit-ized animatronic tentacle with buildng instructions


The IMU Noodle

the grandbaby of quaternion math and modern motion capture technology


Two Stage Tentacle Mechanism

an old daydream that is very much alive

60 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter

a pipeline from CAD to cuts

Linear-Time Sorter for FPGAs

a parallel approach to a familiar problem


Website Mark 2

simple, scalable, and not-too-shabby looking

Collapsing Delrin Desklamp

Homemade Illumination Equipment--2015 Edition!

Laser-Cut Laser Engraver

the laser-cut edition


GameCube-Bot 2

machine-shop free laser-cut edition

The Delrin Desklamp

Homemade Illumination Equipment

The Two-Axis Gantry--Part 2

An evaluation of the Core-XY as a superior design choice over the H-bot

Particle Filter Implementation

a C++ Implementation of a localization algorithm with graphics rendered in OpenFrameworks

2W Diode Laser Driver

a constant current source drivable with an enable pin

GameCube Robot

a differential drive train packed into a classic console


Machined Book Holders

parametric wire bending for crankin' out partz

Underwater Rotating Sonar Mount

a remotely operated sonar mount with a canbus interface