The IMU Noodle

the grandbaby of quaternion math and modern motion capture technology


Two Stage Tentacle Mechanism

an old daydream that is very much alive

60 Watt CO2 Laser Cutter

a pipeline from CAD to cuts

Linear-Time Sorter for FPGAs

a parallel approach to a familiar problem


Website Mark 2

simple, scalable, and not-too-shabby looking

Collapsing Delrin Desklamp

Homemade Illumination Equipment--2015 Edition!

Laser-Cut Laser Engraver

the laser-cut edition


GameCube-Bot 2

machine-shop free laser-cut edition

The Delrin Desklamp

Homemade Illumination Equipment

The Two-Axis Gantry--Part 2

An evaluation of the Core-XY as a superior design choice over the H-bot

Particle Filter Implementation

a C++ Implementation of a localization algorithm with graphics rendered in OpenFrameworks

2W Diode Laser Driver

a constant current source drivable with an enable pin

GameCube Robot

a differential drive train packed into a classic console


Machined Book Holders

parametric wire bending for crankin' out partz

Underwater Rotating Sonar Mount

a remotely operated sonar mount with a canbus interface